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About Us

Innovate, optimise and continually improve. Live beyond normal.

Excellence, experience and results

Experience is our foundation, excellence is our passion, and results are our legacy.

  • Our directors have over 25 years professional experience in business.
  • Experience working with clients in 5 continents.
  • Wide industry experience including property development and investment, property valuation, retail automation, oil industry, business process management, financial markets, insurance, network management, medical industry, online education, marketing, machine learning, software design and development, quality assurance, project management, technology innovation and much more.

Our passion for excellence extends to all that we do. Excellence in integrity, relationships, innovation, timeliness and quality.

Results are our key metric, delivering what we said we would, when we said we would, at the agreed cost. Our goal is to exceed our client's, supplier's and even our own expectations. Year on year we continue to sharpen our acumen, optimise our processes, and improve our results.

Property Development

Residential new builds, subdivisions, and refurbishments.

Developing quality homes and investment properties

Over the last 10 years, under various brands, we have been developing multiple concurrent property projects within New Zealand.

We are especially experienced in developing high-end homes and middle market residential subdivisions around Auckland.

We are always focused on meeting the current market. As the market changes over time we are continually adapting to meet the market in the most effective way. Quality is not a detail, but a necessity.

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Property Investment

Long term and short term residential rentals.

Reconfiguring property investments for healthy yields

Many New Zealanders are not strangers to property investment. Investment in property is an effective avenue to building reliable long term returns.

There are far too many residential investment properties that provide poor living conditions and poor returns, many being negatively geared and having high maintenance costs.

Our focus is on producing healthy yields, positive cashflows and low maintenance, whilst still providing great living for tenants and their families. In providing brand new rental properties we well exceed all the government healthy home regulations.

We continue to build our own investment portfolio as well as those of others who seek a higher return from their investment. Also we go on with lifting the standard of rental living.

Capital Partners

Buying, selling and turning businesses around.

Improving business viability and profitability at every opportunity

Buying and selling businesses is our passion. We are always looking at acquiring businesses in many different sectors including technology, logistics, services, construction, storage, warehousing and others.

If you have a business that you are considering selling, or would simply like to discuss then please contact us.


Construction management, property management, and project management services.

Solutions for managing property, projects and people.

Infinity Management provides management services including construction management, project management and property management.

We also provide other services including property sourcing, property development site analysis, development site landscaping concepts, site cleanups and more.

With over 15 years experience in the property industry, and 10 years specifically in development and subdivision our team is very comfortable on the construction site and on the finances.

Coaching & Mentoring

Technology, property and wealth mentoring, coaching and training services.

Progress with property, technology & innovation, and wealth creation.

From one-on-one to group coaching and mentoring in the areas of wealth creation & financial strategy, property, software, web and online marketing.

All our coaches are very experienced and successful in the areas they coach in. They have proven track records of success in their fields, working for many years in business and their specialty industries.

We provide a variety of options for coaching to best suit our clients. These include one-off review and advice, short-term focused coaching, and medium and long term coaching for those wishing to go deeper and experience life changing results.

We provide a free 15-minute no obligation consultation to determine whether and what kind of coaching would be beneficial. Our primary goal is for positive change in your life due to coaching.

Software & Technology Innovation

Technology & product innovation, software consulting, solution architecture, and software development.

Harnessing the power of innovation

With over 40 years combined experience in the software industry, we provide software design, development, quality assurance, management, technology, innovation and consulting services to the rest of The Infinity Group as well as select clients.

Innovation, optimisation and efficiency are at the centre of what we do. Our highly experienced team are passionate about providing the best solutions for effective business.

Often working with startups, we have been heavily involved in helping them become established companies with software products and services.

Wide experience in many vertical markets and sectors including the oil industry, financial trading, online marketing, retail, healthcare, online education, property valuation, business process automation and more.


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